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Convenience POS delivers sales checkout functionality, and can be run on a fixed POS terminal, a self-checkout or a mobile device, allowing you to meet the needs of all your customers, whether they want traditional checkout service, do-it-yourself checkout, or the benefits of mobile checkout and queue busting. It is fully tailorable to fit your business – from grocery to café, bakery to pub, fuel station to deli.

It offers:

  • Touch screen user interface, with visual keypads for ease of use for your operators; 
  • Fully integrated EFTPOS and Epay for efficiency and security; 
  • Instant price changes, promotions, adds and deletes, and live updates to the back office for real time management;
  • Electronic journals, financial reporting by cashier/by shift, product activation and supervisor authorisation for sales integrity;
  • Receipt management – search and reprint, customisation with tailored messages;
  • Manager price change at the register and price override
  • Full integration to POSTEC pump management
  • Weigh and pay – integrated scale, POS and EFTPOS
  • Suspend and interleave transactions
  • Mixed tender payments
  • Loyalty point payments

Back Office

Your back office is as important to the running of your store as the checkout, and FutureNet Convenience Back Office is Australia’s most functional and user- friendly back office management system.
It includes interfaces to external warehouse systems including Metcash, Campbells, ALM, SPAR and Foodworks.
Convenience Back Office also interfaces to Wedderburn, Avery and Dibal scales systems, and to the electronic shelf labelling system, as well as to our own Convenience POS, Scales, Mobile and Fuel applications.
FutureNet Convenience Back Office has an extremely easy to use interface and the ability to design and customise your own screens. 

Its extensive capability offers everything you need to manage your store, including:

  • An extensive item database
  • Stock management – Manual and Automatic ordering, electronic invoicing, stock taking and full inventory control
  • Integrated video surveillance (Digital SI CCTV)
  • Financial management – accounts receivable, electronic invoicing, export to MYOB or Quicken
  • A range of reports and management tools, including Gross Profit, Department Sales, Item Movement, Margin Management
  • Customer Loyalty Program, Promotions and Offers management
  • Price labels, product barcode labels and shelf talkers
  • Host processing and host editing
  • Scandata support for Spar, Metcash, Foodworks and ALM


FutureNet Convenience Mobile delivers key store management functions on a mobile device, to enable you quickly and efficiently carry out key tasks without having to go to the office. From a single mobile device screen, you can work where you need to work, with data being automatically transmitted to the back office. With Convenience Mobile you can:

  • An extensive item database
  • Carry out ordering and stocktaking – see all product details, and instantly transfer all data to back office for full data integrity
  • Receive orders by scanning TUN codes on boxes
  • Markdown items instantly with markdown printer


If you’re running a multi-store business, you’ll need tools to help keep you on top of what is happening in every location. FutureNet Convenience provides management tools for multi-site businesses, including:

  • An extensive item database
  • Stock management – monitor the stock levels at your various stores.
  • A range of reports and management tools, including Gross Profit, Department Sales, Item Movement, Margin Management
  • Promotions and Offers Management
  • Price labels, product barcode labels and shelf talkers
  • Host processing and host editing
  • Consolidated reporting showing the overall business picture, with the ability to drill down to individual outlets.

Because FutureNet Convenience Controller is specifically designed for multi-store businesses run from a central point of control, it doesn’t require a large IT team or network overheads – the functionality is delivered via a normal reliable ADSL or NBN line.


Training mode

Can be switched on to effectively train your staff across the whole POS without impacting on your live trade

Design your keyboard

Increase speed of service by using visual images to create eective navigation on your POS, and set up time switches for a variety of functions

Public holiday surcharges

Set and forget, surcharges can be managed seamlessly.

Package Meal Deals

Create groups of items to be sold at a set price with substitutes as requested. For example, a Parmi and Pint for $20 on Wednesdays, but can swap for a glass of wine.

Staff messaging

An inbuilt function to communicate with your sta as they log onto the POS to keep communication transparent.

Stock and
Cashflow Reports
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